Commissioned Paintings

This is a selection of custom paintings I have made on commission. Commissioning is an opportunity to have a piece of art that has a personal connection intentioned in its creation. People request custom paintings from me for many different reasons. Sometimes there is a special place they would like to see represented. Other times they want a certain size or mood. It's a great option for people who connect with my work and are interested in collaborating with me.

Interested in the Process?

Hear the Call Quick View

Hear the Call

from $30.00 CAD

Illumination Quick View


from $30.00 CAD

Peaceful Passage Quick View

Peaceful Passage

from $70.00 CAD

Madronas Quick View


from $30.00 CAD

Idol Island Quick View

Idol Island

from $30.00 CAD

Sense of Belonging Quick View

Sense of Belonging

from $30.00 CAD

The Cape Quick View

The Cape

from $30.00 CAD

Mother Tree Quick View

Mother Tree

from $40.00 CAD