Commissioning a Painting

A commission is when I create a unique painting designed specifically for you. What is the process of commissioning a custom painting?

1. Subject

Usually, when people come to me for a commission, they have an idea in mind. This can be as general as “a coastal island scene from the the perspective of being on a boat” or “an arbutus tree, with a shore and sunset colours”. It can also be specific, such as a representation of a favorite beach from a family summer home, or a place of personal significance.  Photos are useful, but not necessary.

2. Size and Price

Next, we determine the size of the painting. Do you have a wall in your home where you would like to feature art? I build my own canvas frames, so I can easily accommodate any size. I specialize in large paintings! At the same time, we also determine the cost, as the price is related to how large the painting will be.

3. Sketch approval

Once I know the proportions and have an idea of the subject I can begin sketching composition ideas with pencil.  I share the sketches over email. There is room to go back and forth and revise until we come up with a mutually agreeable idea. Once we do, I collect a deposit of about 25%.

4. Creating

I build the frame for your painting, stretch the canvas and prime it. Then I’m ready to paint. The timeline for delivery will depend on a few factors such as the size and scale of the work and if I already have other commissions in process. Typically it is taking 6+ months to complete an oil painting.

5. Delivery

I can arrange shipment of your painting within BC, Canada, US and abroad.

Interested? Inquire Here Examples of Commissions