Ancient Path


Original: Sold
acrylic on canvas
40″ x 60″

Light penetrating
into the ancient darkness,
we walk the path.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Here, the silence is so deep amidst this abundance of life as we pause on the path that takes us through this ancient rain forest. There is more life surrounding us here than any place I’ve ever been. Huge tree trunks like ancient cathedral pillars that the three of us with outstretched arms and holding hands couldn’t come close to encircling.

The green, spongy, moss, many different kinds, soften everything as they cover rocks and climb the trees. Other kinds, gossamer-like, hanging high from gnarled branches mix a light, floating feeling, with the weight of the trees.

Overwhelming gratefulness arises for the privilege of being here and for the many kind people that opened the path through this enchantment. And again that deep, penetrating, silent stillness, a hush much deeper than just peaceful. Then the sound of a bird’s wings beating through the air. Then soundlessness.

In the distance, through the trees, the warm morning sun lifts the mist from the mountains. The light penetrates the hushness and darkness of this primeval forest and more slowly now we move on down the path.

-Matthew Coleman
Sept 10th 2014